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Vertical Lift Modules

See How Vertical Lift Modules Work:

Vertical lift modules are state-of-the-art automated storage & retrieval systems. Vertical lift systems can consist of one or multiple units, referred to as modules, depending on the volume of product to store and the application.

Each vertical lift module is constructed of an industrial steel rack structure with varied payload capacities depending on the manufacturer and the application for use. Each rack frame is composed of front and rear parallel sections for storage, with an extractor (elevator) mechanism aisle in between. The extractor (elevator) mechanism travels vertically in the extractor aisle, between the front and rear storage sections, to retrieve / deposit part trays to their assigned location, or to the delivery / access window.

Once the extractor mechanism locates the appropriate tray location or delivery / access window, it extracts or deposits the tray at that location.


Each vertical lift module has a minimum of one delivery / access window, which is adjustable and application defined.

Multiple delivery / access windows are an option in the vertical lift systems to meet certain application needs such as WIP, multi-floor work environments, and product flow delivery.

All part trays are stored on tray support panels with tray supports centered on 2.95", 3.54", or 4.92" increments from the bottom to the top of each module. Each tray has two storage positions on .98" increments to permit true product adjustability of .98" or 1.48". The vertical lift system has a minimum tray spacing starting at 2.95" and a maximum of up to the designed access window height opening.

Vertical lift systems are designed according to user defined requirements with manufacturer standard limitations. Tray widths up to 128" and depths to 50" to accommodate most any requirements and payloads of up to 2,208 lbs. per tray are available. Module payloads of up to 132,450 lbs. and unit heights vary according to available ceiling height at your location.




 Pallet Storage & Movement



High Speed Order Fulfillment



Electronic - SMT reels stored
in a vertical lift module


Robotic Interfaced Picking



Large container storage
using a vertical lift module



Tooling storage in
a vertical lift module



Work-in-Process / Multiple Access
vertical lift module



Boxed storage picking
application using
lift module

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