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Store Vertically & Save!
Get over 60% more storage capacity!

Vertical automated storage & retrieval systems consist of one or multiple industrial carousels depending on the product volume and application. They reduce cost per square foot and use vertical space currently not being used, allowing you to store more in less space, avoiding the need for facility expansion.

Vertical carousel units are made up of a vertical rectangular rack structure housing an elliptical chain track. The track contains a heavy duty industrial chain to which steel carriers (shelves) are fastened. Each carrier is constructed of heavy gauge steel and reinforced to handle varying payload capacities. The carriers can be a flat open shelf design with single or multiple tier levels. Each carrier can be subdivided by totes or partitions in which physical media or products are stored.

An operator retrieves a stored product by inputting the desired carrier number into the numeric keypad or the part number into an optional device (computer or upgraded keypad). The carriers rotate vertically in the elliptical track to deliver the requested carrier to the access location / work counter. Once the carrier is automatically positioned at the counter, the operator can access the part requested.


Vertical carousel storage:     See How It Works     


Carrier widths up to 114.8" and depths to 25.2" are standard. Carrier pitch or clearance height is determined according to storage requirements. Overall vertical carousel machine height is a factor of clear ceiling height available in the area of your application. Payload capacity of up to 30,905lbs per carousel is standard.

Vertical Carousel Storage Applications:



Tooling storage in a
vertical storage carousel


Clean room storage
in a vertical storage carousel


Pharmacology / pharmacy storage
in a vertical storage carousel

See video

Hospital / healthcare facility storage


Wire, hose & cable spool
storage in a vertical storage

See video


Electronic interface &
data controls available




Secure inventory
access & control

Not only do vertical storage carousels store more in a smaller footprint in your facility, they ensure controlled access & dispensing of only the articles requested at the picking window by an authorized user. The system tracks and controls access to inventory stored to ensure your inventory is accurate and safe.

Contact us today for vertical storage recommendations to fit your application!