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Conveyor systems are a very common product handling device. Conveyors provide companies with the ability to move product safely from one location to another without human intervention.

Overhead conveyor systems provide the same basic benefits of the common conveyor system except they provide exceptional use of floor space by using the airspace above manufacturing production areas to convey the products to predetermined pick-up or delivery stations.

Overhead conveyors do not require the need for dedicated floor space for travel paths of the conveyor. By significantly reducing the need for floor space dedicated to product flow requirements, the overhead conveyor systems will provide the ability for better and quicker product flow management as well as multiple tier or level drop-off and pick-up locations.

Applications for overhead conveyor systems are many, but can be limited to product weight of up to 2,000 lbs. depending on the conveyor design and product size. More common applications include: paint lines, progressive assembly, work-in-progress (WIP), extrusion finishing, castings, trash movers, carton movement, tote handling, robotic interface, machine-to-machine transfers, aerospace, and hospital / industrial laundry applications


The Zig-Zag conveyor system begins with an enclosed track constructed of 11 gauge steel, with payload capabilities of 3.5# to 5.5 # per foot. The rectangular channel has a 5/8" center opening on one end of the channel for the ball-bearing roller carriers. The channels are available in stocked 10' lengths and curves and (up or down) angles. The channels can be designed with the center opening at the top or the bottom depending on the application requirements.

These channels accommodate a powered conveyor chain with a 6" pitch. The powered chain runs the length of the channel and has a pendant load pin to accommodate product carriers. The product carriers hang off the pendant load pins and not off the chain wheel axle. This reduces unnecessary wear and torsion loads on critical parts of the chain. The pendant load pins are also spaced closer together than the chain wheel, thus, providing closer load spacing and tighter radius curves than traditional systems.


OVER-WAY power and free conveyor systems combine the capability of enabling movement to powered or free movement within the system by the use of a heavy duty over and under dual track configuration. Having the same benefits of the Zig-Zag monorail system, the OVER-WAY power and free conveyor system is ideal for high capacity, transport and storing of work-in-progress applications.

The dual channel design allows for complex travel path and multiple use applications in the same design layout. The channel system also allows for greater payload capacity on the chain pendant load pins. Single pendant carrier designs can support up to 1,000# loads and double carrier designs up to 2,000# loads.

Controls give the OVER-WAY power and free conveyor system a multitude of advantages over standard overhead conveyor systems. The controls can provide automatic routing, staging and storage or retrieval of product housed on the conveyors. Various travel paths can be designed into the product path to increase productivity through FIFO or LIFO applications. Many applications utilize and benefit from the ability to start and stop production/assembly lines or increased buffer storage.


Inverted paint-line Zig-Zag conveyor systems provide clean, reliable conveyor operation with the vertical flexibility with the use of a uniquely designed Inverted Product Paint Pendant. These pendants pivot on the wheel axle from above, through the inverted channel slot, allowing free rotation of 30 degrees and no torque or wear on the chain assembly. The inverted style of channel is ideal for clean environments in production areas where clean operation is essential. With the shorter 6" increment of pendant locations, the inverted system allow for maximum flexibility, productivity and control of the production schedule. The inverted pendant design provides a 75# load capacity on each of the pendants in the system.


For overhead, non-powered / hand-push applications the safe-rail manual push monorail conveyor system are excellent solutions. As a starting point for automating any heavy manual product movement application the safe-rail system is great solution.

The system is designed with standard overhead monorail conveyor system components which can be converted from manual to powered at any time in the future.

Being a great alternative to the use of carts or manual handling and re-handling of product, the system reduces the possibility of damage to product or injury to employees. This space saving system reduces the requirement of excessive storage needs on the floor by utilizing the overhead airspace as a storage buffer. The system VMT's (Vertical Material Transporters-Optional) automatically raise and lower product to access height to reduce operator injuries related to lifting, reaching and bending.

Payload capabilities vary between 125# and 1,000# per carrier.


Twin or dual track overhead conveyor systems combine the power and free capability with side-by-side channel tracks. The dual track configuration is ideal for medium to high capacity requirements where there is limited overhead space for storage and transportation. The dual track system allows for more frequent switches in and out of main travel paths than other power and free systems.

The twin or dual track design system with side-by-side channels can be installed in facilities with lower headroom clearance. Controls in the system provide a controlled accumulation area and precise delivery of the product in a continuous flow if rates differ within the production line. This boosts increased production efficiency of WIP assembly applications.

Typical applications include, but are not limited to, paint finish lines, cast mold delivery, extrusion finishing, progressive assembly, WIP buffer, Aerospace, fiber delivery, and comber lap delivery.


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