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Long Goods Vertical Storage Systems

Dynamic Storage Vertical Lift Systems

The heavy duty long goods (wide) vertical lift storage system utilizes the same vertical storage concept as the standard vertical lift module systems.


Systems are designed with a minimum of one station. Each station is comprised of two sections of industrial storage rack / columns opposing each other with an extractor aisle located in between. The extractor mechanism, known as a Storage and Retrieval Unit (SRU), retrieves or deposits a storage tray (cassette) into the storage column or on to a travel delivery dolly. The dolly, located at floor level, travels parallel to the floor and delivers the tray (cassette) out the front / rear or the side of each storage station.


Each storage station is designed according to the specification for each product application. Trays (cassettes) for the storage of the long goods are engineered according to the length, depth, height, and weight of each line item. The storage station layout and delivery interface of the system is designed around the pick-up / delivery requirements, product manipulators, and product flow as it interplays with manufacturing equipment.

Applications include bar stock, aluminum extrusions, flat metal, wood sheets or any large, deep, long or heavy item requiring top access and reduction of storage footprint.


Special purpose carousel solution systems utilize two accepted storage and retrieval technologies: the vertical footprint of the department and the horizontal airspace along the ceiling. The long goods carousel storage system uses the space saving advantages of the vertical carousel and the ability to utilize the overhead space available for product movement of the overhead conveyor.

A dynamic storage carousel system is designed with carriers (shelves) specifically for your product. The engineering of the carriers are based on the specific design characteristics of the product to be stored. Carrier pitch (height) is limited to the height, depth and width of the product. This permits the storage of large bulky items such as carpet rolls, paper rolls, print cylinders, bar stock, pallets loads, and wire or cable reels.

By using a series of gears, the system can carry the carriers along a horizontal storage loop that parallels the floor, and still allows for production areas to safely occupy the floor space underneath.

In confined areas that are enclosed with three walled sides, a serpentine carousel design can be utilized to increase storage density and provide a consistent standardized pick up and delivery point for stored items. If access of the items stored is required from the top by a lifting device such as a crane, a boom or fork truck, the dynamic carousel storage system can be engineered with a bull-nose pick-up / delivery station.


This eliminates any closed top or inhibited access to the items stored by delivering the product outside the carousel in a forward delivery position without a carrier position above it.

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