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Industrial Pallet Rack

Industrial storage pallet racks are designed for strength, rigidity and durability and come in a variety of configurations: selective, flow, pushback, drive thru, narrow aisle & custom racking systems. The standard layout of industrial pallet rack permits immediate pick face accessibility.

Designed as single or multi-level systems, structural steel pallet racks are utilized to increase the vertical density of palletized product storage, while providing the immediate selectivity of individual pallets.


Pallet racks are comprised of two industrial gauge end frames (uprights), connecting the pair of end frames are cross members (beams) to each vertical member of the end frame.

End frames are designed according to total payload capacity of all levels of storage to be held by the end frames. Each pair of cross members per level is likewise rated according to the payload to be held by the pair. Different styles of cross members are available according to the type of product to be stored.

Each level can be customized to house pallets, skids, tubs, boxes, open stock, or non-secured items. Depending on the product height the cross member spacing can vary from level to level and rack section to rack section.


Industrial pallet rack can be connected side by side to create a range of racks. The length and height of each range is determined by the physical parameters of the facility. The industrial rack can also be placed back-to-back to create a better utilization of aisle space by sharing a common aisle between ranges of rack.

Drive-thru pallet racking system



'A' frame cable racking system


Narrow aisle racking system


 Carton flow in rack system w/ conveyor

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