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Horizontal carousel automated storage & retrieval systems provide exceptional throughput capabilities in high volume pick applications such as distribution centers. Horizontal Carousel systems can consist of single or multiple carousels in pods depending on the product volume and the application.


Horizontal carousel units consist of a horizontal elliptical guide track supported by columns attached to the floor or above. The track holds heavy duty industrial carriage / bin trolleys to which wire bins or storage bays are fastened.


 Bottom Drive


Top Drive

Depending on the model, the horizontal carousel system is driven either by a top or bottom drive motor which rotates the bins on the track.


Each storage bin is normally constructed of heavy gauge wire shelving to accommodate product in varying depths. The bins hold varying quantities of shelves spaced at 3" increments. Each bin shelf can be subdivided by totes or partitions in which physical media or products are stored.

Bin widths, depths, and heights vary according to application. Payload capacity and carousel size are determined by product requirements.


An operator retrieves a stored product by inputting the desired bin / shelf number into the numeric keypad or the part number into an optional device (computer or upgraded keypad). The bins rotate horizontally on the elliptical track to deliver the requested bin to the delivery / work station. Once the bin is automatically positioned at the delivery / work station, the operator can access the part requested.

The requested bin is automatically cycled via the shortest distance to the delivery / work station to increase operator productivity. Each work station is designed specifically for the action to be accomplished by the operator.


Options available on horizontal carousels include: pick to light / put to light systems; batch pick sorting systems; double and triple tier systems with lift table for access; computerized inventory control and operation; conveyor transport with in-line readers for transport of completed picking operations; doubling ended picking stations, and automated insertion and extraction systems.


 Three Carousel (POD) Integrated Pick Station

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